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Make a reservation for boarding your family dog or cat online! Canine guests have large individual Reservationsinside rooms and corresponding outdoor exercise areas. Indoor quarters are kept cool or warm as the season requires. Luxury suites are also available!



PLEASE NOTE: The reservation form below is solely to request a reservation for boarding your cat or dog. We will call or respond to you to confirm your requested dates.



*Reservations are ONLY accepted through and no other source. Any reservations made from another site may go unnoticed and your requested appointment may not be available upon your arrival. Please call (508) 865-3180 for GROOMING appointments.*

*Please allow at least 72 hours notice when booking reservations online. If you need a reservation within 72 hours, please call us at (508) 865-3180* 

Please DO NOT use this online reservation request for boarding JULY 1st through JULY 9th. Please call us directly for reservations during this week.

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Please note,

If your pet has received a rabies vaccine since his/her last visit to TLC Pet Haven, please bring a copy with you. (We will also accept a copy of the veterinary invoice or a town license as long as it clearly displays the rabies expiration date)

If your pet has not been here before, you must bring a current copy of his/her rabies certificate. (We will also accept a copy of the veterinary invoice or a town license as long as it clearly displays the rabies expiration date)

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