Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting

Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting

Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting

Most of the dogs and cats that come to our boarding facility really enjoy their time here, but sometimes older pets and pets with limited mobility, health or separation issues find the boarding experience extremely stressful. Birds, reptiles and rodents also have a difficult time adapting to life in a kennel. With this in mind, TLC Pet Haven offers Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting Service. Our fully qualified and bonded pet sitters will come to your home and give your pets the same Tender Lovin’ Care we are famous for at our boarding facility. Your pets will be fed and given fresh water. Cages, litter boxes, crates and outdoor areas will be cleaned and dogs will be walked, all in the comfort of familiar surroundings.Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting

Medications & Medical Emergencies

Our pet sitters will discuss your pet’s medical needs at your “Get Acquainted” meeting. An additional charge may be applied if your pet needs medication.

If your pet appears to be ill or injured, we will not hesitate to seek veterinary care. In addition to signing a release form, we suggest you notify your pet’s veterinarian prior to your departure.


We know security is a concern for our clients. Our Pet Sitters are bonded and all keys and access codes are kept in a secure location.

How It Works

We will come to your house for a “Get Acquainted” meeting with you and your pets. During that time we will discuss your pet’s needs and routine and give your pets (especially dogs and cats) a chance to know us. We will ask you to sign a Veterinary Care release form so that we can seek medical treatment if your pet becomes ill. We will ask to see documentation that verifies your dog, cat, or ferret is up to date on its rabies vaccine (a copy of the certificate, invoice or license that shows the due date). We will ask you to sign a statement that gives us permission to be in your house during your absence. We will also ask for a key to your home.

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