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Our Professional Pet Groomers have the skills and experience to expertly bath and style all breeds of dogs and cats with our in shop grooming.
Both short-haired and long-haired dogs need regular grooming to keep their coat and skin clean and healthy. Bathing also makes your pet more pleasurable to live with! All dogs receive desired haircut or combout, a warm sudsy bath and blow dry, nail clipping and ear plucking and cleansing. Those with special skin needs can opt for oatmeal baths or hot oil treatments. Medicated shampoos can be used as prescribed by their veterinarian. We also provide de-skunking and flea/tick baths.

Cats also need regular grooming to remove mats and cut down on shedding. This will not only help with their general well-being but will also cut down on hairball problems.  We will comb out cats or give them a lion’s clip as needed or desired. Contrary to popular belief, a nice soothing bath is generally accepted by most felines.

In Shop Grooming
We do our best to groom pets as their owner wishes, but extreme matting or other health problems may occasionally make that impossible. Please respect our professional opinion.


Drop-off is usually between 8-9 AM with pick-up between 4-6 PM. Speed grooms,or straight-thrus are available at an additional cost.



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It is very hard to quote a grooming price for a pet. It depends on his/her breed, hair type, condition of fur, size, length and temperament. We can give you a wide estimate if you call and a close estimate when we see the dog or cat.