Luxury Suites

Our Luxury Suites

We have 6 “Luxury Suites” for our discerning dogs who wish to laze on a custom built bed while watching their favorites on a private suite TV.  They also receive “extras” such as Luxury Suitesplaytimes or social hours (see boarding options).  With limited availability, reservations are a necessity.

Dogs will be allowed use of the room at the discretion of a TLC screener.  Dogs not accepted (usually due to destructive tendencies) will be welcomed into the general boarding population instead.

Each suite has a TV with a connected DVD/VCR.  Thermal glass doors replace the “cage” look and add to the overall appearance of a “room”.  Custom built beds, bone shaped rugs, and personal bowls add to the décor.

Parents are welcome to bring some videos from home for their pets to watch or we have a collection of pet oriented films.

One question we get a lot is “Do the dogs really watch TV?”  They certainly watch when they hear a dog bark or their parent’s voice.  I think that it is also a familiar and comforting distraction. Pets are commonly left at home with the television on!



Dogs in the Luxury Suites seem more relaxed.  It is a calmer atmosphere with less outside distractions.  The rooms have central air and pets relax on plush mattresses.  

Upon check-in, owners can guide our staff as to preferences in their pet’s daily schedule.  Some pets prefer to be in the suite most of the day while others prefer to spend more time Luxury Suitesoutdoors. Choices can vary according to weather conditions.  It may be possible to spend some nights in the regular overnight areas and other nights in the luxury suites (upon availability).


Luxury Suites