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All of our professional in-shop grooming services are also offered in one of our specially customized mobile groom-in-vans for your pet’s comfort at the convenience of your home. Our vans are equipped with a full-size bath tub, a full tank to draw hot and cold running water from, and with another tank to hold the dirty water. The only thing we need from you is access to electricity and your pet!!

Our groomers are experts in styling, hair clipping and combouts. All pets will also be bathed, have their nails clipped and their ears cleaned.  They are blow dried, finished and prance back to their owners smelling fresh and clean!

This is a very popular service and, though we currently have 3 vans, we book up fast!  Many clients set up automatic schedules 4, 6, or 8 weeks apart for the whole year. Let us know if this would be more convenient for you.Mobile Groom-In-Vans



You must show a current copy of his/her rabies certificate before the groomer can start. (We also will accept a copy of the veterinary invoice or a town license with rabies expiration date listed).

Mobile Groom-in-VansIf your pet has received a rabies vaccine since our last visit, you must provide this to the groomer before they start. (We also will accept a copy of the veterinary invoice or a town license with rabies expiration date listed).





$Mobile Groom-in-Van Pricing$

It is very hard to quote a grooming price for a pet. It depends on his/her breed, hair type, condition of fur, size, length and temperament. We can give you a wide estimate if you call and a close estimate when we see the dog or cat.

Due to travel requirements and personal individuality of this service, our in-van prices are approximately $40.00 higher than our in-shop grooming prices.




Our Groom-in-Vans cover the following areas:

Auburn ♦ Boylston ♦ Charlton ♦ Douglas ♦ Dudley ♦ Grafton ♦ Holden ♦ Leicester ♦ Millbury ♦ Northborough ♦ Northbridge ♦ Oxford ♦ Paxton ♦ Shrewsbury ♦ Sutton ♦ Upton ♦ Uxbridge ♦ Webster ♦ Westborough ♦ West Boylston ♦ Worcester ♦ Rochdale ♦ Rockdale ♦ Cherry Valley

Don’t see your town listed? Give us a call and let us know where you live. Never hurts to ask!