The Poop Brigade

The Poop Brigade

The Poop Brigade will go where your dog goes. We clean dog runs, kennel areas, lawns, garden areas, driveways and anywhere canine land mines may be lurking!

We double bag and deposit in your trash receptacle or, for a small additional fee, we will take it with us for disposal. We will notify you if we notice anything unusual such as foreign objects, worms or diarrhea.

Why use a pooper scooper service ?

  • Poop attracts flies, parasites and rodents to your yard.poop brigade
  • Uncollected poop is unsightly and smells bad.
  • Poop can get tracked into the house (need we say more?)
  • We are an extra pair of eyes to observe changes in your dog’s habits.
  • Lets you spend more quality time with your dog and less time cleaning up after him.

Who uses our services?

  • Elderly or disabled people with limited mobility.
  • Busy people who don’t always have time to keep up with yard cleaning chores.
  • Apartment complexes and Condo Associations.
  • People who love their dogs, but hate cleaning up after them.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are based on the following:

  • How large an area we will be scooping.
  • How many dogs you have.
  • How many times per week/month you use the service.
  • What town you live in.

Please call us for an estimate.



Yard Conditions
Every effort will be made to ensure that we will leave your lawn poop free. However, we can not guarantee complete removal if our Poop Brigade is hindered by excessive leaves, very tall grass, weeds, debris, large puddles, very muddy areas, snow or loose stool.

Weather Conditions
In the event of severe weather (snow, rain or extreme cold), we may have to re-schedule your appointment.

Protective/Aggressive Dogs
Some dogs become protective of their territory when a stranger approaches. If this is the case with your dog, please make sure he is confined in a secure area while we are on the property. If we are unable to access your yard because your dog appears aggressive, you may be charged for a missed service call. We will not enter any yard in which we do not feel safe.

We understand that security is an issue for our clients, but we will not climb or jump over fences. If you can not be home during the service call, arrangements must be made in advance so that we can gain access to your yard. If we cannot get into the yard, you may be charged for a missed service call.

The Poop Brigade