Year Round Cat Boarding


Year Round Cat Boarding
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Our cattery is in a separate heated/air conditioned building allowing us to provide year round cat boarding. We have two basic rooms: a studio room with a loft and a suite with a loft and privacy Year round cat boardingroom. They are supplied with a clean kitty litter box, a cozy blanket and water 24 hours a day.

Year Round Cat Boarding

Each studio/suite also has connecting doors that can be opened into a second studio/suite. A guest could potentially have access to 4 studios or 4 suites with 4 privacy rooms! (Prices vary accordingly).

Please read through our “rules & regulations” for additional information. You can also make a “reservation” request online now!

We serve a tasty dry cat food but welcome individually bagged meals if the owner’s prefer to bring their cat’s own diet. Sometimes this works out better for finicky felines! We can also administer medication as supplied by owners and will seek veterinary attention if conditions warrant.

New customer? Download our “New Customer Information” and “Vet Release” forms here and either fill them out electronically or print them out, complete them and bring them in with you on your pets arrival date. This will save you 10-15 min during your first drop off!

For the electronic forms:

Electronic Form

For the print out forms:

Cust. Info Form

Vet Release Form

$Year Round Cat Boarding Pricing$

Our new Cattery is now open and available!

Pricing is as shown below.

Cats: $30.00/day

*Extra charge for caution animals*

*Most meds $2.00/administration.

Playtime $5.00

Pricing subject to change at anytime