Are the animals alone at night? When I toured the kennel, the dogs barked a lot! Do they bark all the time? What if I want to pick up my dog after you close? Can I pick up my dog on a holiday?

Dogs become familiar with our employees quickly. They are relatively quiet except when a new dog or a stranger enters the yard, then they “express their greetings!” Dogs are generally very tired at night after a full day of activity so nighttime is very quiet. We try to have new dogs arrive as early in the day as possible so that they tire a little before evening.  Our employees usually close the kennel by 8 pm and arrive around 7 am, depending on the season. We have an alarm company that monitors the property during this time. There is also a tenant who lives on the property and is available in case of emergency. However, we are very strict about our hours. Clients should never approach the tenants after hours.  Although the current tenant does also work at TLC, he would not have information on your dog and is not allowed to open the shop or kennel except in an emergency. Even if an employee is still on the premises after we close, it is not fair to disturb the rest of the dogs after they go to bed for the night. Likewise, to enter the kennel before we open to retrieve a pet or introduce a new pet is not fair to the rest  who are patiently waiting to get outside. We are closed to the public for most major holidays and on Sunday mornings, though employees are here to care for the animals. These employees care strictly for the pets and are not allowed to open the shop or deal with clients. This allows for a quieter atmosphere for neighbors on these special days. Every interruption disturbs the pets routines, so please respect our hours.