What will I need to do when I drop off my pet the first time? Do I need to bring anything? Can I bring blankets or toys?

The first time you use our services, you will need to fill out an information package and we will need to set up a profile in our computer. Please allow yourself extra time for this. You will need emergency numbers, including at least one land line. It is important that we can reach you or someone qualified to act on your behalf. Your pet needs to be up to date on his/her rabies vaccine per Massachusetts state law. You will need to bring a copy of it or a copy of a vet bill with the expiration date prominently displayed. Dog tags do not qualify as proof of a rabies vaccine since the date may have expired since you received your tag. 

We do not recommend bringing in your dogs own items from home. You may bring toys or an old towel, but we cannot guarantee their return. Do not send favorite toys! Things get torn and thrown away or buried! Putting your last name on the toy/towel with permanent marker will help identify it after washing. Try not to bring bulky beds and blankets since they are hard to wash. Even if your dog is generally clean, he may track mud in from outside or water may spill on it. We cannot leave soiled or wet beds/blankets in the run, so we will need to be able to wash it or dry it. Keep in mind that we have hundreds of blankets that we share anyway!