Are the dogs inside all day? Are they in a cage at all times? Will my dog get any exercise? What if it’s raining or snowing?

On nice days, most dogs are taken outside to an individual run with a platform and water. These outdoor areas are from 8 feet long for small dogs up to 14 feet long for large dogs. Even without this room, the dogs are constantly jumping and barking with their new friends. Some people are concerned when their dogs go home and sleep more than usual, but it is because they are so tired from all the activity going on around them while at the kennel!

For additional exercise, we also offer social hours and playtimes for extra fun! (See description of these activities under ‘dog boarding’) If the weather is not good, the dogs are taken out at least 3 times per day for nature calls. Playtimes and additional exercise can be given inside as needed.