Is the facility heated and air conditioned?

All of our buildings are heated just like your house would be, but we still make sure everyone has a nice clean cozy blanket with them. The problem with air conditioning is that, once they are in it, it’s hard to give them free time outside because of the drastic change in temperature. This is when many kennels and pet owners have problems. It is better to maintain a constant temperature or gradual change as naturally occurs during a day than to take a dog from AC and put him/her from the cool into the heat. At TLC Pet Haven, our buildings are all concrete which is naturally cool, and our outside runs are all naturally shaded. If it is particularly hot, we will make sure the dogs are inside their cool concrete runs during peak times of the day. Most dogs in daycare, social hour or playtimes will also be allowed to swim in “kiddie pools” which they love!  If your dog has a particular problem with heat: some boxers, bulldogs, older pets, etc…  he/she would for be kept in an air conditioned building. These dogs will only be walked outside for a short amount of time then returned to their AC room.

The cattery is heated and air conditioned. On particularly hot days or particularly cold days, cats with outside access may be limited to times of the day when the weather is most accommodating. The grooming area is also heated and air conditioned as needed.