How is a day of boarding charged? Can I have my dog groomed while he is boarding?

The first day is ALWAYS charged for no matter what time a pet arrives. We prefer pets earlier in the day in order to give them time to adjust to the new surroundings before nightfall. The last day is always charged for if the animal is picked up after 12:00 noon (12:30 pm on Sundays). The exception to this is if a dog is groomed while he/she is boarding, than the last day boarding is free regardless of the time picked up. However, pets are usually groomed on the last day in order to go home fresh and clean, so he/she probably will not be ready until later in the day. If you need your pet earlier in the day, we can groom him/her the day before upon request, but he/she might not go home quite as fresh as he/she would be upon being groomed on the day of departure. This will not affect the boarding fee which will remain as stated above.