Year Round Dog Boarding

Year Round Dog Boarding
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TLC’s Year Round Dog Boarding has a number of overnight accommodations which cater to individual dog’s needs. There are a number of very large runs that leave plenty of extra room even for the largest of breeds or multiple family dogs. We also offer multiple pet discounts. We have runs with doors that allow direct access to Year Round Dog Boardingthe outdoors for dogs who don’t care to be handled a lot and smaller areas for dogs who are sometimes overwhelmed by too much room or activity.

We also have 6 available luxury suites bringing lost of added comfort to your pets stay. These book quickly so an early reservation is required. Check out our luxury suites here.

All of our areas have maid service in order to keep their rooms clean and smelling fresh. Each are supplied with a comfortable blanket and plenty of water 24 hours a day. We have IAMS© dog food, which most dogs love, but we encourage people to bring their pet’s “special brand” bagged in individual meal size baggies for easy feeding (especially for those who tend to get upset with diet changes).We can administer medications when supplied by the pet’s owners and we will seek veterinarian attention if conditions warrant.

Please read through our rules & regulations for info on your pets stay.

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Year Round Dog Boarding

Each dog has an opportunity to spend a great deal of time outside, weather permitting, and if they so desire. We also offer activities for those who want (or need!) to expend extra energy.

Year Round Dog Boarding

Playtimes:  This is a one-on-one session for 15 minutes with one of our camp counselors.  We will play ball or Frisbee or tug of war; whatever your dog desires. OR if he is not particularly interested in hard play, we will gladly pet and cuddle with him instead!  It is usually a combination of the two since dogs often tire within 10 minutes!

Social Hour:  This is one hour of social time in a large play area with other dogs.  It is a supervised time with qualified dogs of similar energy levels, age and size. Males must be neutered and all dogs must be receptive to the attention of other dogs and not exhibit aggressive behaviors. Owners must read and sign a day camp release.  Most dogs that join these play groups will pull their owners in through the door on their next visit!

Daycamp:  Same as social hour above but for a full day!

New customer? Download our “New Customer Information” and “Vet Release” forms here and either fill them out electronically or print them out, complete them and bring them in with you on your pets arrival date. This will save you 10-15 min during your first drop off!

For the electronic forms:

Electronic Form

For the print out forms:

Cust. Info Form

Vet Release Form

Year Round Dog Boarding Prices

All dogs – $45.00/day

*Extra charge for caution animals*

*Most meds $2.00/administration.

Add-On Items

Luxury Suites available at $25.00 extra/night. (Includes social hour or playtime each day.)

Social Hour while boarding: One hour $8.00

Daycamp while boarding $15.00

Playtime while boarding: $5.00. Additional Pets $1.00.

Pricing subject to change at anytime.

*Summer specials valid for boarding customers only.*

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